Project: Small business site


Make a website for a fictional small business. Whatever business you like. The example here is for a unicycle shop.

Here's a sample home page.

Home page

  • Your site should have at least four pages.
  • The branding area should have a logo and a header.
  • Logo and header are clickable links to the home page. Notices to that effect show on mouse hover.


  • The logo should be no taller than the site title.
  • There should be a gap between the logo and the text.
  • The site title should have no underline, even though it's a link.
  • Have a navbar with a border at the bottom.
  • Navbar links should be larger text than normal, and separated from each other. They should have hover notes.


  • Have at least four photos. At least one of them should float to the left or right.
  • All images should have alt text.
  • Put all images in an images folder.
  • Have links to at least two external websites. Make them open new tabs. Use small images to show that. Use this one, if you want: External link icon
  • Include a table with at least three columns, and with column headings. In the Unicycle site, it would be on the product page.
  • Have a footer with your name. Have top and bottom borders.
  • The footer text should be smaller than the rest.
  • Include a page with image and other credits, and site terms of use. Check the ToU on this site, if you need a hint.
  • Use a stylesheet called standard.css, for all or most of the styles.
  • All pages should have html, head, and other tags that make a complete page.

Put your work behind a password, as usual. Submit the URL of your site.

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