About you


It helps me do my job better if I know a bit about you.

What you like to do, what pets you have, if there's something that people wouldn't guess about you. Like that you once saved a bee trapped in a coal mine.

Also, what do you want from this course?

That's what this exercise is about.

I'd like to know what you like to be called as well. If your name is Elizabeth, do you like to be called:

  • Liza
  • Liz
  • Beth
  • Lizzie
  • Qeass - that's an acronym for Queen Elizabeth of All She Surveys
  • . . .

So your exercise is to:

  • Edit your account (log in, and then Your stuff | Account)
  • Fill in the About field
  • Add a photo, if you want
  • Set the first name to whatever you want to be called
  • Update your initials

In the exercise itself, copy-and-paste the About field from your account, into the exercise submission.

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