Project requirements

Your final project is a website for yourself, or an organization. The organization can be fictitious, or real.

You can do the project alone, or with one other person. It's best to work with someone else, if you can.


How do we find someone to work with?

The course Moodle forum.


I hate group projects. I always end up doing most of the work.

Me too. But people are different. Do what makes sense for you.


Here are the requirements for the final project. You won't know what all of these things are right now.


Project: final project

Make a website for your final project. Use the prototype you created earlier as a guide, though you can change your mind about the pages, and... anything, really.

You can see the final version of the Pupperware site. The site uses the Sketchy theme from Bootswatch. You can use any theme you want, or just the default.

Remember that you can check out the HTML. Ctrl+U on Firefox and Chrome on Windows and Linux. Macs might do something weird.


  • Use Bootstrap
  • Add at least three regions to each page (add more if you want):
    • Site name and navbar
    • Content region
    • Footer
  • Your site should have at least six pages.
  • You don't have to use real content. Filler content is fine. Here's a list of filler text generators.
  • The branding area should have a site name, and an optional logo.
  • The site name (and the logo, if you have one) is a clickable link to the home page. Notices to that effect show on mouse hover. (See the Pupperware site for an example.)
  • The site title should have no underline, even though it's a link.
  • Include a few images (beyond those in the carousel), as well as text. All images should have alt text.
  • Use a navbar, with a dropdown.
  • Make the navbar reusable. Use the same navbar file on all pages.
  • Make the footer reusable. Use the same footer file on all pages.
  • Use a carousel.
  • Use some cards, for anything you want.
  • Put your name(s) in the footer, like Squee and Suzie did in the Pupperware site.

You can do this project by yourself, or with someone else.

Submit your URL, as usual. If you're working with someone else, only one of you should submit it.

There's a sample you can check out.