You have a hosting account, right? Let's put it through its paces.

The screen shots below were current at the time of writing, but things may have changed.

Go to Remember the right-click-and-open-in-new-tab trick. You can also open in a new window, and have this window and the new window side-by-side.

Log in.

Log in link

Your username and password are in an email that Reclaim sent you.

cPanel is your friend

Start cPanel.

Start cPanel

cPanel is the software you'll use to manage your website.

This is the cPanel home page. There are a bunch of icons for doing stuff, and some info about your hosting account on the right.


You'll only be using a few of the icons in this course.

If you get lost in cPanel, there's a button in the upper left that will take you back to the cPanel home page.

Home button

Open the file manager. It opens a new tab.

New tab

About your account

On the right of your cPanel home page, there's info about your account, like your disk usage.

Account info

I have 10GB maximum. You might have less, depending on the account you bought. If you have 3GB, that's fine for this course.


When you're done, don't forget to log out.

Log out

An explainer video

Claudia asked for a video run-through of cPanel. Here it is.

Up next

Let's see what happens when your browser asks for a webpage.