Add-on domain

Marc registered a domain, but when he went to use it, got errors from his browser. He submitted a support ticket to Reclaim. He emailed me about it, as follows:

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Reclaim hosting ALREADY fixed the issue for me. It turns out I needed to go to cPanel on my account and select it as an AddOn Domain. I attached what they said to me if any other students run into this issue.

"Thanks for reaching out to Reclaim Hosting support. It looks like your new domain needed to be officially added to your cPanel account by setting it as an AddOn Domain. You can read more information about this here: Addon Domains in cPanel

I went ahead and took care of this for you, making sure that the domain,, was assigned to the directory that you already created at /home/marcsava/ You can now see the domain listed under the Domains section of your cPanel account."

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