Final project ideas


List at least three ideas for your final project. Each idea should have a name, a short description, and a quick list of pages.

If you are doing your projects with another person, you can do this exercise with them, too.

Include your name(s). Identify the idea you most want to do.

Do not do a website for a business, or other real organization. Their requirements might not match those of the course. If you want to do a prototype of a real site, that's OK. It will let you test ideas.

Here's an example:


Ideas from Squee Moffat and Suzie Chen

What we want to do: Pupperware

Idea 1: The Hammered Strings

A website for a local dulcimer rock band. Pages:

  • Home - slideshow
  • Band - about us kinda page
  • Events - what's coming up
  • Book us
  • Contact

Idea 2: Pupperware

A website for a small company that brings doggos to your event.

  • Home - slideshow
  • Services - What the company does
  • Packages - What you can buy. Maybe small, medium, and large?
  • Doggos - cute doggo photos
  • About - about the company
  • Work for us - jobs
  • Contact - contact form

Idea 3: Moore's 'Musement Mobile

Shaun Moore

Like a food truck, but for improv comedy.

  • Home - the value proposition
  • Services - what MMM will do
  • Booking - prices, how to book
  • Contact

Type your ideas in the solution field at the top of the submission form:

Submission form


If we're working with someone else, should we both submit it?

Yes, submit individually, to keep things easy. This is just an exercise, not a project. For the projects, you do one submission for both.

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