Reusable navbar and footer


Make a site about two yummy things. It should have a page for each thing, and a home page with the URL index.html. Using Bootstrap, give each page a header, content region, and footer.


For this exercise, put your home page and the two yummy thing pages in the same folder.

Here's my home page:


(Use your own yummy things.)

The navbar is short, so I made it horizontal on all screens, even very small ones.

Here's the coffee page:

Coffee page

I used these classes on the img:

  • A class to float to the left.
  • A class to make the image responsive.
  • A class to give it a border.
  • A class to give it a right margin (me-2) [Remember, me- means at the end of the line, right in English.]
  • A class to give it a little padding.

Here's the footer HTML I used:

  • <p class="small mt-4">
  •   No rights reserved.
  • </p>

Set up your pages so that the navbar and footer are reused. So, if I change the footer to this:

  • <p class="small mt-4">
  •   Some rights reserved.
  • </p>

The page would change to:

Changed footer

Submit your URL as usual.

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