Slide shows

Bootstrap calls them carousels. Here's one:


Lesson contents

The jumbotron is one of the easiest BS components, so it's a good place to start.

What is a jumbotron?

It's for highlighting key messages, like this:

Hello, doggo fans!

DoggLand is the barkiest place in the world.


Lesson contents

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is about making websites that people with disabilities can use. For example, blind people use screen readers, software that reads out a webpage's contents. A webpage can help a screen reader do its work, or get in the way, depending on how the page is designed.

Being responsive

Realistic layout

We want a site with a header, a sidebar, a content area, and a footer. like this:

Doggo World

Here's the code for a non-responsive version.


Make a responsive page about pancakes.